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Brightin Star 60mm F2.8Ⅱ
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marco lens

Olive Oil On The Water

macro lens

Flowers Fall On The Water

Insect macro photography

Insect Macro Photography

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  • 【2:1 Double Magnification Macro Lens】- Brightin Star 60mm F2.8 Macro Lens has an excellent 2:1 magnification, the imaging effect is twice the actual, can show more real details of the subject, and when shooting insects, you can take closer pictures at a greater distance to avoid disturbing the insects.

  • 【Internal Zoom Structure】- The lens adopts an internal zoom structure to make the lens zoom in the lens barrel. Comes with protective lenses to prevent dust from entering the lens.

  • 【Sharp Focus & Soft Out-Of-Focus Image Quality】- The lens structure is 7 elements in 5 group, it can make the picture near the focus point sharp and clear when focusing, while ensuring that the picture outside the focus range is soft.

  • 【Upgraded UMC Coated Lens】- The lens lens adopts multi-layer nano-coating, which greatly reduces ultraviolet rays and stray light entering the lens, effectively eliminating ghosting and flare, while improving light transmission and providing better picture quality.

  • 【Compatible Cameras】- Canon EF-Mount M M2 M3 M5 M6 M6II M10 M100 M50

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